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Welcome to the Maternity Autism Research Group

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Health Professionals and Researchers working together to improve maternity care for Autistic women and people. 


To improve the experiences of Autistic people accessing services related to pregnancy and early parenting by signposting information and resources.

Mission Statement

To act as an Autistic-led collective of health professionals and researchers committed to addressing the Autistic community’s priorities around the maternity period, with the emancipation of all Autistic people at the heart of all we do.  The MARG website will become an accessible and comprehensive resource for the latest high-quality research, information, resources and training relating to pregnancy and maternity for Autistic people. 


  • To host and signpost neurodiversity-positive research, resources and evidence-based tools relating to Autistic people, pregnancy and maternity, to benefit Autistic people during pregnancy and early parenting.

  • To raise the profile and improve understanding of Autistic peoples’ needs during maternity and how to implement these within the NHS and beyond.

  • To signpost Autistic led training, consultancy, and doula services.


To provide a research group for Autistic researchers and health professionals to discuss advancing research in the field within social and biopsychosocial models of Autism.

Our values

Neurodiversity affirming, trustworthiness, professionalism, integrity, inclusivity through an intersectional feminist lens, openness. 



This website will use identity first language, for example “Autistic person” in line with the preference of many autistic adults (Kenny et al, 2015).


We acknowledge that many members of the Autistic community do not identify with binary gender identities. In October 2022, 17 members of MARG were invited to vote on whether to follow 1) a gender-inclusive approach such as using the term  ‘Autistic women and people’ , or 2) a gender-neutral approach such as the term “Autistic people” in relation to the autistic person who is pregnant.    It was agreed that MARG would use option 1) a gender-inclusive approach on this website, however, resources that we share may not use this approach to gender.

MARG Launch Recording - June 2023 

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