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Research Sharing Framework

MARG is committed to ensuring research which benefits Autistic people is conducted.  To protect the Autistic community, MARG will only share adverts for research that is neurodiversity positive. Therefore, research requests must now be submitted formally via email. Before submitting your request, please ensure it meets our criteria below. Any requests which do not meet the criteria will not be shared.


MARG believe that Autistic people should be at the forefront of research for the Autistic community. Therefore, we prioritise Autistic researchers, and projects which have meaningful Autistic collaboration.  


MARG will typically only share research projects which use identity first language (Autistic person) rather than person first language (person with autism). Unless there is a strong rationale, this language must be used throughout and not just on promotional material.

Functioning labels, including the use of Asperger’s, are not acceptable. Language should be neurodiversity-affirming.

We will not share projects which use the terms ‘autism spectrum disorder’, or ‘ASD’ unless it is the choice of the Autistic community involved in that particular project.  

Type of Research

MARG will prioritise research which is of benefit to the Autistic community. Research which has the potential to cause harm to the community such as 'cure' or eugenics-based projects will not be accepted

This also means it must be clear from the request what the project is for. Without clear objectives/projected outcomes, projects will not be accepted.

Please note that all studies will be checked before they are shared even if it’s indicated that they meet the above criteria. Please ensure any surveys and/or topic guides are included in your request.

Please copy and paste the questions below and email to:


Complete the contact form below. 


1. Is the lead researcher Autistic? – Yes/No

2. Were Autistic people involved in the creation of this project? – Yes/No

If no, please explain why Autistic people were not involved.

3. Do you use identity first language throughout? – Yes/No  

If no, please explain why you use person first language

4. Do you use functioning labels? – Yes/No

If yes, please explain why they have been chosen

5. What is the reason for the research?

Please provide a short summary (up to 200 words)


6. Please provide attachments with copies of all participant facing documents (including questionnaires/topic guides, promotional materials etc). 

7. Please upload a copy of your ethical approval, or tell us when you hope to receive ethical approval.

Please note we will not share any advertisements without receipt of ethical approval.

Thanks for submitting!

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